Water For People Committee

Committee Activities

NC WFP’s National WFP page at http://ncwfp.tap.waterforpeople.org/

Annual Water For People 5k Fun Run

Annual Water For People Golf Tournament

Climb For Water – Going to Great Heights to Help Save Lives


The purpose of the North Carolina Water For People (NCWFP) Committee is to Help People in developing countries Help Themselves. Water For People strongly believes that project beneficiaries, men and women, must be actively involved in all aspects of a project (planning, design, implementation, cost-sharing and operation/maintenance) to nurture local autonomy, initiative, management and ownership. NCWFP has adopted the Country of Bolivia, and actively funds projects and participates in annual work trips benefiting those less fortunate in Bolivia.



The Committee consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Web Master, Board Liaison, and any interested NC AWWA/WEA members. Volunteers not belonging to the NC AWWA-WEA may participate in specific activities.


Primary Activities

1. To educate the local public about the international drinking water crisis, and to provide an avenue to
help those in developing countries.
2. To expand and support the national Water For People organization.
3. To raise funds for drinking water and sanitation improvement projects in Bolivia.
4. To continue to cultivate relationships between North Carolina volunteers and our Bolivian partners,
through annual work trips to Bolivia and frequent communication.


2014 Committee Leadership

Chair: Lisa Edwards, NC DENR DWR PWSS – Phone: (336)771-5250, Email: lisa.edwards@ncdenr.gov

Vice Chair: Nick Dierkes, Brown and Caldwell – Email: ndierkes@brwncald.com