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The Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Committee is responsible for this certification program.


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Next Exam: October 15, 2019


When: Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Wilson Community College

902 Herring Ave E, 

Wilson, North Carolina 27893
United States

Contact: Carla Meadows


The Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Exams will be held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm at Wilson Community College. (902 Herring Ave E, Wilson, NC 27893). The fee for the Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Exams is $85.00 for members and $135 for nonmembers. (There are no refunds/credits once the exams have been ordered.)


Exam applications must be received by Friday  September 13, 2019 in order to be eligible for review to take an exam.


Exam packets and more information will be posted in July 2019.  


Program History

The Laboratory Analyst Committee (LABNET) of the NC American Water Works Association and NC Water Environment Association (NC AWWA-WEA) was formed in 1994. A Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Board was created under this committee in 1995 and the first wastewater laboratory certification exams were given in February 1996.


The North Carolina AWWA-WEA sponsors the voluntary Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Program. Although all wastewater laboratories are required to be certified by the State of North Carolina, this voluntary analyst program is a way for the individual laboratory analyst to prove their competence and increase their professional skills.



Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Exams

There are four levels of exams (Class I-IV, with the Class IV being the highest). As the exams progress, they cover wastewater analytical tests of increasing difficulty. The exams consist of 100 multiple choice questions and are purchased from the Association of Boards of [Environmental] Certification in Ames, Iowa. [ABC was formed by AWWA and WEF over 30 years ago.] Thus, ABC exams are national exams and an analyst certified in North Carolina may be able to receive direct reciprocity in other states that also use ABC exams. All exams are pass/fail tests with a score of 70 correct being the passing grade.


Education and laboratory experience requirements for each level are based on the Association of Boards of Certification criteria. One year (defined by the North Carolina Certification Board as 1800 hours) of wastewater laboratory experience is required to start with the Class I exam, regardless of education. The wastewater laboratory experience can be from any time in the analyst’s career. The program is a sequential program in that all analysts must start with the Class I exam, regardless of education or years of experience.



Exam Results

The exam report sent to each analyst includes the score achieved on each exam and a summary sheet that outlines test performance in various areas included on the test (chemistry, safety, biology, QA/QC, regulations, etc.). Each applicant that passes an exam is issued a Certified Environmental Analyst certificate from the North Carolina AWWA-WEA.




Certification Board

The North Carolina Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Board conducts the following activities:

  • Develops and publishes study materials for each of the four exam levels
  • Reviews all exam applications
  • Determines eligible applicants
  • Conducts examinations (including scheduling, publicity, proctoring, collection of exam fees and applicant notification)
  • Develops certification policies for North Carolina
  • Maintains the North Carolina certification database
  • Issues wastewater laboratory analyst certificates



Currently Certified Analysts and Exam Passage Rates

As of June 11, 2012, the Board has administered 1,096 exams and there are currently 449 individuals certified (at various levels) as Wastewater Laboratory Analysts in North Carolina.


Exam Level Analysts Certified Exam Passage Rate
Class I 449 83.6%
Class II 209 60.8%
Class III 86 61.4%
Class IV 45 60.0%




Certification Information

For further information about the NC AWWA-WEA Wastewater Laboratory Certification Program contact the NC AWWA-WEA office at (919) 784-9030.



Prohibition of Recording Statement: Recording of any sounds or visual images, and use of any recording device or medium now known, or later developed, is prohibited at all NC AWWA-WEA Seminar, School, Conference or other training events unless prior written permission has been expressly granted by NC AWWA-WEA.




Wastewater Laboratory Analyst

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WW Lab Analyst, Class 2 Needs to Know (June 2008) PDF (172.6 KB) Administration 10/30/2014
WW Lab Analyst, Class 3 Needs to Know (June 2008) PDF (136.57 KB) Administration 10/30/2014
WW Lab Analyst, Class 4 Needs to Know (Feb 2007) PDF (126.58 KB) Administration 10/30/2014
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