Arthur Sidney Bedell Award

2018 Recipient: Mark Wessel, City of Raleigh

2018 Recipient: Mark Wessel, City of Raleigh


Leadership of the Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee
Service as NC AWWA-WEA Board of Trustees Liaison
Program administrator for the creation, development, and execution of statewide Maintenance Technologist Certification Program to certify industry maintenance professionals through education and examination
40-year career experience in construction, O&M, management of water & wastewater systems


Mark Wessel has had a lasting impact on the North Carolina water and wastewater industry due to his involvement and leadership of the Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee and Board of Trustees Liaison for NC AWWA-WEA. Mark served as the program administrator for the creation, development, and execution of the statewide Maintenance Technologist Certification Program. This program entails operating two, 4-day schools with four levels of certification annually in North Carolina. This first of its kind program in the state certifies industry maintenance staff through education and examinations with ABC Plant Maintenance technologist recognition.  




To acknowledge extraordinary personal service to the member associations the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award was established in 1948. Each member association is privileged to name one of its members to receive this award, which may be based on organizational leadership, administrative service, membership activity, stimulation of technical functions, or similar participation. The frequency of nomination varies from annually to once in three years, depending on membership. The award is named for the second chair of the Federation who exemplified its purpose by his long devotion and service to the New York Sewage and Industrial Wastes Association, now the New York Water Pollution Control Association.


Certificates for framing are presented to the awardees at the member association meeting following Board approval of the individuals.


The NC WEA is permitted to honor one member of the Association with the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award. The terms and conditions governing the selection of the awardee are as follows:

  • Length of Membership: A candidate for this award shall have been a member of the Association for a period of at least five years unless the candidate’s qualifications and contributions have been such nature and magnitude that in the opinion of the Committee the length of membership should be waived.
  • Service and Contributions
    • The candidate shall have performed service in relation to the administration of the Association’s affairs, and\
    • The candidate shall have performed outstanding service on committees of the Association which may include membership on certification and examination board committees for the Association, or
    • The candidate shall have made outstanding contributions in the field of wastewater, including research, design operation and administration.


Arthur Sidney Bedell Award Sub-Committee
Organization: The Arthur Sidney Bedell Award Committee shall be appointed by the Association Chair and shall consist of the three recipients of the award. The first of the three members to receive the award becomes the Chair.

Primary Activities: This Committee should meet promptly after appointment and, in any event, must submit its report, including the citation, to the Secretary by August 1 each year. The citation covering this award shall be limited to not more than fifty (50) words. It is specifically emphasized that the conferring of an award is in no sense mandatory and should be made only after careful deliberation and when it is the opinion of the Committee that an outstanding member of the Association qualifies for the award. The name of the award recipient will not be divulged until formally announced during the Annual meeting.


Past Recipients

2016 David Wagoner

2015 Tyler Highfill 

2014 Jackie Jarrell

2013 Ken Vogt
2012 Angela Lee
2011 Barry Gullet
2010 Pam Moss
2009 Howard Kimbrell
2008 John Mclaughlin
2007 Clarence Sell
2006 Tom Hunter
2005 Trille Mendenhall
2004 Steve Shoaf
2003 Les Hall
2002 Kasey Monroe
2001 Pat Durrett
2000 Cindy Finan
1999 Newton V. Colston
1998 Richard    L. Austin
1997 Linda Faulkner-Vaughn
1996 William H. Mull
1995 Arthur White
1994 Macon Reavis
1993 A. T. Rolan
1992 Joe C.Stowe, Jr.
1991 Coy M. Batten
1990 Ron Williamson
1989 Henry L. Forrest, Jr.
1988 Tom Bruce
1987 Earl Weisner
1986 Ed Morris
1985 Don Francisco
1984 Ray E. Shaw, Jr.
1983 Frank Styers
1982 John Campbell
1981 William L. Brown
1980 Charles Willis
1978 William H. Ashworth
1977 Charles Smallwood
1975 Morris Tarlton
1974 Frank Ward
1972 J. R. Malone
1971 James H. Henderlite
1969 Wilbur E. Long, Jr.
1968 Earle C. Hubbard
1967 Lee S. Dukes, Jr.
1964 Robert S. Phillips
1961 Walter M. Franklin
1958 George S. Rawlins
1955 P. D. Davis
1952 Herman Glen Baity
1949 William McKinney Piatt

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