Distribution System of the Year Award
2018 Overall Winner: Town of Cary
 2018 Medium System: Town of Mooresville 
2018 Small System: Town of Smithfield

The mission of the North Carolina Water Distribution System of The Year Award is to identify and recognize the municipality that protects the public health through pro-active practices of management, operations and maintenance of their water distribution system beyond minimum standards.


To assist in these efforts, the Wastewater Collections and Water Distribution Systems committee shall annually recognize up to four water distribution systems in North Carolina based on the size of their system.

  • Large Sized Distribution Systems (Greater than 500 miles of pipe)
  • Medium Sized Distribution Systems (Greater than 250 miles and up to 500 miles of pipe)
  • Small Sized Distribution Systems (Greater than 100 miles and up to 250 miles of pipe
  • Micro Sized Distribution Systems (100 miles of pipe or smaller)

Recipients of the award will have demonstrated that it performs quality water system maintenance procedures through the efficient use of labor, materials, equipment, and innovative methods to keep its distribution system in good working condition to minimize health hazards.


The award will honor the system personnel that serve their community with a high level of professionalism and diligent work in the operation and maintenance of their water distribution system facilities. The recipient’s staffs make the most of their available resources, no matter how great or small. Awards will be given to one distribution system in each of the four sizes of systems listed above.


Participation by individual water distribution systems is strictly voluntary. Participants shall submit the standard application form and supply the required information to be considered for the award by the stated deadline.


The award committee will consist of at least four (but no more than eight) active members of the North Carolina Wastewater Collection and Water Distribution Systems Committee.   The Committee’s Chairperson will select the award committee members and also serve as the award committee’s chair.


The award committee will review the applications, rank each distribution system against the other applicants, and shortlist up to the three lowest ranked systems in each collection system size category. Interviews may be conducted by members of the award committee in order to review the data submitted and collection additional information as needed to determine the final winners.


The Water Distribution System of Year will be issued a plaque for each size category and will be presented at the Association’s Annual Conference at an appropriate time and place in the program. Shortlisted collection systems will be recognized at the Annual Conference as well.


Listed below is a general description of the four categories and the types of data to be supplied by each applicant. The award application contains a detailed listing of the data to be supplied by each applicant:

  • Water Distribution System Data: Number of miles of pipe in system, number of metered customers, pump stations, tanks, etc.; Number of water quality complaints, water main breaks, NOVs, coliform hits, non-revenue water, re-use program, etc.
  • Water Distribution System Management Activities: Listing of hydraulic model, AMR, water audit, and CIP designation for system reinvestments.
  • Annual Water Distribution System Operations and Maintenance Activities: Valves exercised, flushing program, backflow prevention program, hydrant maintenance, leak detection, tank and pump station maintenance
  • Annual Water Distribution System Rehabilitation & Replacement Activities: Miles of water main re-lined or replaced; re-lining & replacement expenditures; Pump Station and Tank Rehabilitation Expenditures, etc



Past Recipients

Large System

2017 Brunswick County 

2016 Brunswick County

2015 Brunswick County 

2014 Brunswick County

2013 Brunswick County

Medium System

2017 Town of Smithfield

2016 Town of Mooresville

2015 Town of Mooresville 

2014 Town of Mooresville

2013 Orange Water and Sewer Authority


Small System

2015 City of Conover

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