George Warren Fuller Award

 2018 Recipient: Jack Moyer, AECOM


2018 Recipient: Jack Moyer, AECOM


Jack Moyer has served the water profession with his leadership, mentoring, and inspiration for over 40 years. The recipient began their career in the public sector dedicating 29 years to the City of Raleigh, serving in the Fire Department and the City Manager’s Office before moving into the Public Utilities Department.  In the Public Utilities Department, they managed both collection and distribution operations as well as treatment plant operations.  The individual served as the leader of a number of city and county-wide planning committees on disaster preparedness and served in a key role during the recovery from hurricane Fran in 1996. This individual retired from the City of Raleigh as Assistant Public Utilities Director.  


This award, established in 1937, is given each year to members of the Association, designated by the Sections, for their distinguished service to the water supply field and in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, the brilliant diplomatic talent, and the constructive leadership of the members of the Association who exemplified the life of George Warren Fuller one of America’s most eminent engineers. 




This Committee consists of the five latest living recipients of the Fuller Award. The first of the five members to receive the award becomes the Chair of the Committee. Each member appointed to a section Fuller Award Committee shall be furnished with a copy of these criteria, the attached copy of the statement on the life and works of George Warren Fuller to guide him/her in the exercise of his/her duties on the committee, and an AWWA entry form.

Method of Selecting the Award Recipient

The Committee will report to the NC AWWA-WEA staff by August 1 of each year in writing that the recipient has been selected. The name of the recipient will not be divulged to anyone until the announcement at the Annual Meeting. The Committee Chair is responsible for furnishing to the staff the citation used in announcing the recipient during the Annual Meeting. The Committee will use the following guidelines in making the selection:

The recipient shall be an individual who has provided distinguished service to the water utility field on a local, national or international basis and who has utilized the skills of sound engineering, diplomatic talent and constructive leadership that characterized the life of George Warren Fuller. The Committee shall give special attention to the contribution that an individual has made which shall include but not be limited to the following:

Activity on a Section Committee, progressive leadership, especially as a Section Officer, contribution to the improvement of the water supply field in operations, management, design, equipment utilization or education, activity in membership recruitment, setting of professional or ethical standards, demonstration of professional competence and integrity, advancement of established goals and ideas, promotion of conservation, cooperation with fellow waterworks personnel and the promotion of harmony within the waterworks industry.


It is emphasized that the qualifications for the award specify that the services of the candidate must have been over and above those expected of officers and committee members in fulfilling the obligations or duties assigned to them. It is emphasized that the performance of a nominee must be exceptional and extraordinary. 


The Award
A George Warren Fuller Award Plaque and Pin.

Frequency of the Award

Annually, if deserved.

Eligibility for the Award
To qualify for the award the person must be an Individual Member or a duly appointed representative of an organization member of the American Water Works Association. Each section may make annual Fuller Award presentations equal to its number of Directors on the Association Board of Directors.

Entry Requirements
Submission of a completed AWWA entry form by any section member to the section Fuller Award Committee.

Nominating Procedure
Any section member may nominate an individual by submitting the completed entry form and a photo to the section Fuller Award Committee. A "citation" or statement of the basis upon which the recommendation is made must be included. Citations should in general contain 40 words or less and be appropriate for introduction of the awardee at the section award ceremony and the Fuller Society Breakfast held during the AWWA annual conference. Editorial adjustments in citations may be made as deemed necessary.

Nomination and Submission Deadline
Nominations shall be submitted to the Fuller Award Committee as established by the section. The section Fuller Award Committee Chair shall report the awardee to the Executive Director of AWWA by March 10 including the awardee’s full name and address and the citation to accompany the award. This information should also be included as part of the official section meeting report by the section secretary.

Presentation of the Award

The announcement of the award shall be made a part of the annual meeting of the section granting it and shall be made by the Association’s official representative at the section meeting or by the presiding official of the section. The reading of the committee report should be accompanied by the reading of as much of the prepared statement concerning the life and works of George Warren Fuller as fits the occasion.

The formal ceremony or presentation of a certificate of award is made a part of the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition. If, in special cases, the awardee is unable to attend the following annual conference, the presentation of the award certificate may be made at the section meeting. If it is desired to present an award certificate at a section meeting, the report of the committee with the citation and full name of the awardee shall be transmitted to the headquarters office of AWWA 30 days in advance of the section meeting along with an appropriate statement of the reason for the prospective absence of the awardee from the annual conference of the Association.

The names of the recipients of the Fuller awards for the conference year are announced in an appropriate manner during the annual meeting of the Association at the time the awards ceremony takes place. In the published list of members of the Association a designation is made indicating the members who have received this award.

Each awardee automatically becomes a member of the George Warren Fuller Award Society of the American Water Works Association. No initiation fees or annual dues are required for membership in this society. The annual meeting of the society is held during the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition.


Past Recipients

2017 Vicki Westbrook

2016 Barry Shearin

2015 Jeff Cruickshank 

2014 Angela Lee

2013 Steve Drew
2012 William Dowbiggin
2011 Steve Shoaf
2010 Mike Richardson
2009 Barry Gullet
2008 Dave Zimmer
2007 Pamela Moss
2006 Robert Walters
2005 William Les Hall
2004 Bill Mull
2003 Fran DiGiano
2002 Kasey Monroe
2001 Ron Elks
2000 Fred Hill
1999 Phillip C. Singer
1998 Linda C. Sewall
1997 William Finger
1996 John Roberts
1995 Macon Reavis
1994 Donald E. Francisco
1993 Joe C. Stowe, Jr.
1992 Anthony G. (Tony) Surratt
1991 Frank C. Styers
1990 A. T. Rolan
1989 James F. Stamey
1988 John Campbell
1987 Henry Forrest
1986 Charles Willis
1985 Ed Morris
1984 Donald Knibb
1983 Daniel A. Okun
1982 William Harold Falls
1981 Tom Bruce
1980 J. S. Goodman
1979 W. H. Ashworth
1978 Ray E. Shaw, Jr.
1977 William L. Brown, Jr
1976 Lee S. Dukes
1975 Marshall Staton
1974 Frank L. Ward
1973 Charles Smallwood
1972 T. Z. Osborne
1971 Morris Tarlton
1970 James H. Henderlite
1969 R. Frank Hill
1968 Max D. Saunders
1967 Wilbur Eugene Long, Jr.
1966 Paul Dexter Davis
1965 William Finley Stokes
1964 Raymond Eugene Ebert
1963 Carl Wayne Mengel
1962 James Anthony English
1961 William Simpson McKimmon
1960 Edgar Martin Johnson
1959 James Maurice Jarrett
1958 Stanford Eugene Harris
1957 Earl Colvin Hubbard
1956 William Whitty Adkins
1955 Edward Reentry Tull
1954 George Skevington Rawlins
1953 Wade Gillis Brown
1952 Harold Franklin Davis
1951 George Samuel Moore
1950 Robert Stanley Phillips
1948 Daniel McGregor Williams
1947 John Raymond Purser, Jr.
1946 McKean Maffitt
1945 James Wilford Kellog
1944 William McKinny Piatt
1943 Walter McKinny Franklin
1942 William Christian Olsen
1940 Herman Glen Baity

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