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Upcoming Institute Training Events


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Charlotte Institute (Option 1)

September 16-17, 2020



Charlotte Institute (Option 2)

November 18-19, 2020




What Are Institutes?

To keep up with the changing needs of our members and their employers, in 2015 we restructured our training programs. Our new Institute program shifts our focus to the development of on-demand programs tailored to meet the training needs of individual utilities.


How Do Institutes Work?

  1. A utility contacts NC AWWA-WEA with potential dates, a location, and a list of preferred training topics.
  2. NC AWWA-WEA work with the utility to negotiate a mutually beneficial date, location, agenda, and price.
  3. NC AWWA-WEA committees prepare presentations on the agreed upon agenda topics and gain the appropriate CEU continuing education approvals.
  4. The utility registers their employees to attend the Institute session
  5. NC AWWA-WEA advertises the Institute to members and other utility professionals and opens up an agreed upon number of seats for general registration
  6. On the day of the Institute, NC AWWA-WEA and the utility work together to put on the program
  7. After the event, all attendees who meet the requirements will receive a certificate of attendance and, when applicable, continuing education credit.


Who Can Attend Institutes?

EVERYONE! While the majority of attendees at an Institute will be employees of the host utility, there will always be seats reserved for non-host utility employees. The registration and attendance process for non-host employees is the same as our traditional seminar registration and attendance process.


Past Institute Topics

These topics represent a partial list of past Institute topics. Institutes topics are not restricted to this list. NC AWWA-WEA is happy to create presentations on topics to meet your specific needs.

  • Best Practices for Running a Successful Construction Project
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Construction Risk
  • Trends in Water/Wastewater Emergency Preparedness
  • Effective Utility Management
  • Electrical Safety
  • Environmental Management System Overview
  • Generators and Switch Gear
  • Going Green
  • High Performance Coatings for Water/Wastewater Applications
  • Internal/External Customer Service
  • Lessons Learned from Trenchless Utility Installation
  • Occupational Safety, Emergency Preparedness and JSA, PPE and Progressive Disciplinary Programs
  • Operations and Maintenance of Water and Wastewater Pumps
  • Pipeline Condition Assessment
  • Security at Water and Wastewater Facilities


Schedule an Institute

If you are interested in hosting an Institute training contact NC AWWA-WEA staff at (919) 784-9030 or email



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