Wilbur E. Long, Jr. Operator of the Year Award
The Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator of the Year Award was established in 1975 by the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Certification Commission. By Resolution, adopted by the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Certification Commission on January 12, 1977, the annual operator award was designated to be referred to henceforth as the Wilbur E. Long, Jr. Operator of the Year Award.

The purpose of the award is to recognize any properly certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in North Carolina who has exhibited outstanding knowledge and innovation in the continuing operation of a wastewater treatment facility or who has contributed his time and efforts toward the training, education, and general upgrading of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator or who has devised, discovered or invented devices or techniques which enhance the science of plant operation.

Past Recipients

2011    Jim Lynch, Animal Systems
2011    Donald Albright, Industrial
2011    Jeffrey Mahagan, Municipal
2010    Timothy Weaver, Industrial
2010    John Stake, Municipal
2009    Darrin Allred, Municipal
2009    Bob Gergory, Industrial
2008    Dan Dougherty, Municipal
2008    Commissioner John Boykin
2008    Clarence Beaver, Industrial
2007    Rhonda Locklear, Municipal
2007    Donald Allbright, Industrial
2006    Roy Guinn, Operator
2005    Curtis Brown, Operator
2004    Chris Parisher, Grade IV
2004    Cedric W. Black, Industrial
2000    Stephen F. Talbert, Grade IV
2000    Kenneth Roy Barfield, Grade II
2000    Kenneth G. Henson, Subsurface
2000    James W. Shoulders, Grade III
2000    James W. Laux, Spray Irrigation
2000    George H. Pettus, Animal Waste
2000    Cecil M. Martin, Grade IV
1998    Stewart J. White, Spray Irrigation
1998    Edwin Kent Scott, Grade IV
1998    Daniel E. Fortin, Grade II
1998    Charles Ronnie Dew, Collections
1997    William Brown, Grade II
1997    Steve R. Smith, Grade I
1997    Shuford Wise, Grade III
1997    Michael Fox, Grade IV
1996    Tim Woody, Spray Irrigation
1996    Rudy Broschinski, Grade III
1996    Mark D. King, Grade II
1996    Larry D. Roberts, Grade IV
1996    Dickie Vincent, Jr., Land Application
1995    Timothy Edgerton, Grade II
1995    Michael Testerman, Grade IV
1995    Clark Cable, Grade I
1995    Bruckie Ashburn, Grade III
1994    Thomas Spain, Grade IV
1994    Larry Olewine, Grade III
1994    Cecil W. Morton, Grade II
1993    Thomas Tillage, Grade III
1993    Robert D. Dodson, Grade IV
1993    John D. Walker, Grade I
1993    Jack Webb, Grade II
1992    Jimmy Haas, Grade III
1992    Gordon Smith, Grade II
1992    Carl Holshouser, Grade I
1992    Bill Telford, Grade IV
1991    Kim Neeley, Grade IV
1991    Jerry D. Cuttler, Grade I
1991    Henry Earl Lewis, Grade II
1991    Gerald Severson, Grade III
1990    Ronnie Pack, Grade IV
1990    Randy Muncus, Grade II
1990    Barbara N. Auman, Grade I
1990    A. J. Medlin, Grade III
1989    William E. Berry, Grade I
1989    Phillip K. Castro, Grade III
1989    Edward D. Rexrode, Grade IV
1988    Terry R. Klutz, Grade I
1988    Robert J. Hamrick, Grade II
1988    Lucille T. Crosby, Grade III
1988    Burton Johnson, Grade II
1988    Andres A. (Dickie) Vinent, Grade IV
1987    Samuel H. Tuttle, Grade III
1987    Sam Herron, Grade II
1987    Lacy H. Ballard, Grade IV
1987    Jimmy Patterson, Grade I
1986    Stephen Drew, Grade II
1986    Hammond Snyder, Grade IV
1986    Darryl C. Cockman, Grade III
1986    Charles M. Brown, Grade I
1985    Richard Crabtree, Grade IV
1985    Nathan Smith, Grade II
1985    Edward C. Wozten, Grade I
1985    Dennis Hodge, Grade III
1984    Norman Lee Byerly, Grade IV
1984    Joe Cowen, Grade II
1984    Jamie C. Whitten, Grade III
1984    Jack Linville, Grade I
1983    Kenneth Kellum, Grade III
1983    Haywood Phthisic, III, Grade IV
1983    Charles Tucker, Grade II
1983    Charles M. Brown, Grade I
1982    Doris N. Fisher, Grade II
1982    Donald Register, Grade IV
1982    Buford Brooks, Grade I
1982    Bobby E. Burnette, Grade III
1981    Richard Miller, Grade I
1981    Marvin H. Whittington, Grade II
1981    Joseph Walthall, Grade III
1981    Billy Ray Creech, Grade IV
1980    Terry S.Kilby, Grade II
1980    Roger Calloway, Grade II
1980    Robert E. Tuttle, Grade I
1980    Johnny Hester, Grade IV
1980    Alva G. Wike, Grade III
1979    Phillip K. Castro, Grade III
1979    James W. Cook, Grade II
1979    Floyd Carrell, Grade I
1979    Charles D. Malone, Grade IV
1978    George W. Sprinkle, Grade IV
1977    Roy Jaynes, Grade II
1977    Ronald Williamson, Grade IV
1977    Jerry Cutler, Grade IV
1977    Edgar N. Guffey, Grade I
1977    Don Duncan, Grade IV
1977    Carl Hegwer, Grade III
1977    Boyd Wheeler, Grade IV
1976    Thomas C. Kitchen, Grade I
1976    Slayton Ritchie, Grade IV
1976    Norma Jean Jolly, Grade III
1976    Nathan Scott, Grade IV
1976    Gilmer T. Byrd, Grade III
1976    Ernest R. Bailey, Grade II
1976    Charles Ostrand, Grade IV
1975    Thomas W. Kilpatrick, Grade III
1975    Jeff Van Jahnke, Grade II
1975    Grady N. Banks, Grade IV
1975    Boyd Shook, Grade I
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