Golden Manhole Award Application
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 Golden Manhole Society Description

Criteria for the Golden Manhole Society will be 3 or more of the following:

  1. Years of experience and significant accomplishments in the design, education, training, certification, construction, operations, maintenance, safety, or management of water distribution systems or wastewater collection systems
  2. Innovation or solution to problems
  3. Presentations and/or participation at conferences
  4. Involvement in promoting the professional recognition of the Collection/ Distribution Systems field
  5. Papers or articles accepted by state, regional or national publications 
  6. Membership in WEF national collection systems committee or AWWA national distribution systems committee
  7. Membership in good standing with the NC AWWA-WEA
  8. Active involvement with the NC AWWA-WEA Wastewater Collection/ Water Distribution Committee
  9. Any other reason why the Nominee deserves recognition

Induction will be decided by a vote of Collection and Distribution Systems Committee based on information provided on this application.

Golden Manhole Society Application

To apply for this award, the NOMINATOR (person making the nomination) should complete SECTION 1 with their information so that they can be contacted with questions. ADDITIONAL SECTIONS should be completed to provide basic and supporting information related to the NOMINEE'S QUALIFICATION for this award.


Award Deadline extended until July 22nd


If you are completing this application on a computer, resizing the screen to half of its normal width may improve the readability of the online form.



Nominator Information

Please complete the following information for the person completing this nomination.


Nominee Contact Information

Complete the following fields related to the person being nominated for the award.


Nominee Professional Information

Complete the following fields related to the nominee's certifications and membership.


When listing involvement with AWWA, WEF, and NC AWWA-WEA, include activity with the national AWWA and national WEF in the AWWA Involvement and WEF Involvement fields. Participation within North Carolina should be listed in the NC AWWA-WEA Involvement field.


If you would prefer, you may answer questions in a Word document, convert the document to a PDF file, and upload the responses with your nomination.


Nominee Accomplishments

Use the questions below to give sufficient reasoning as to why the nominee should be considered for induction. If there is not enough space to adequately answer the questions, continue on a separate document and upload below. You may also upload any supporting documents you feel support the nomination.

Uploading Supporting Documents

If you would like to upload responses to open-ended questions, or additional materials, please convert them to PDF format and merge all documents into a clearly labeled file.


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