We are glad you are interested in joining NC AWWA-WEA!

Our state organization is unique in that we operate as a joint association of water/wastewater professionals affiliated with the NC Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and water/wastewater professionals affiliated with the NC Member Association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF nationally or WEA on the state-level).

Your decision to join NC AWWA-WEA, says a lot about your commitment to our industry and service to the public. We are the leading resource in North Carolina promoting safe water, increasing the knowledge and understanding of safe water, and preserving and enhancing the water environment. Our strength comes from people like you - our members. We hope that you will take some time to explore the many benefits we have to offer, and determine the level of involvement that allows you to receive maximum benefit.


As you will see below, you have several options for how you join NC AWWA-WEA.  Regardless of how you come to NC AWWA-WEA, you will find a great list of benefits.


Become a Member Through AWWA or WEF

When you join either of our parent organizations, AWWA or WEF, based on your address, you are automatically assigned to a local Section of AWWA or Member Association (MA) of WEF. For addresses in North Carolina you are assigned to, and become a member of NC AWWA-WEA. If you don’t live or work in North Carolina, then you may request and pay to join an additional Section or MA, and if you request to join the North Carolina Section or MA you become a member of NC AWWA-WEA. Within AWWA and WEF there are multiple types and levels of membership. 

For the most up-to-date information on joining AWWA and/or WEF, and a list of specific benefits provided by these national organizations, please contact each organization directly.

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Denver, CO

Individual Membership
AWWA Individual Member Benefits
AWWA Join Online - Individual Membership
Download Paper Individual Membership Form
Utility Membership
AWWA Utility Member Benefits
Download Paper Utility Membership Form
Service Provider Membership
AWWA Service Provider Member Benefits
Download Paper Service Provider Membership Form
AWWA gives you the information and resources you need to deliver safe water to the world. Since its inception in 1881, AWWA has provided the information and leadership needed to advance policies that protect the public's health.

Share the benefits of membership, Earn rewards!
You know AWWA provides the best technical resources and networking opportunities in the water-sector. Refer a colleague and get rewarded for each person that joins. More members mean more connections and resources for you!
Water Environment Federation (WEF)
Alexandria, VA800-666-0206

WEF Membership Information

WEF Join Online
Download Paper Membership Form
WEF and its Member Associations (MAs) provide exciting and informative products, services and activities for their members around the world. These include high quality technical journals and manuals, technical conferences, operator training programs, local and regional legislative and regulatory activities, educational programs, affiliations with other professional organizations, and much, much more!
















NC State Level Association Membership (NC SLAM)

If you aren’t currently interested in membership at the national level, then you can join NC AWWA-WEA at the state level only. State Level Association Membership is referred to as SLAM. There is currently only one level of membership for SLAM and you join directly through the NC AWWA-WEA office in Raleigh. As of January 1, 2020, membership dues are $80 for one year (12 months). SLAM provides membership benefits only within the NC AWWA-WEA.

To join SLAM, complete the Membership Application and submit to our office with your annual dues or login to your profile and join online. Memberships take approximately a month to process and you will receive a new member welcome packet in the mail once your membership has been established. Your welcome packet will include your membership card, and receipt for paying your membership dues.

You don’t have to wait to receive your SLAM welcome packet to start utilizing your member benefits. If you are registering for an NC AWWA-WEA event and you have already submitted a SLAM application or you will be submitting you SLAM application with your registration, indicate “Membership Applied For” where your SLAM number is requested and we will fill in you membership number once it is assigned.

If you are already a SLAM member, you may now choose to login to your profile and renew your membership online.


Download 2020 SLAM Application/Renewal Form

As of January 1, 2020, NC SLAM dues are $80 for one year (12 months). 


Student Membership

Both AWWA and WEF offer student membership types at a reduced membership fee and with benefits unique to these groups. Students at UNC Charlotte, NC State University, and NC A&T also have the opportunity to join their school’s college chapter.


Overlapping Memberships

If you are currently a member of the national AWWA and/or WEF with an address in North Carolina or you paid for a dual membership in North Carolina, it is unnecessary for you to join SLAM. You have already paid for, and should be receiving, benefits from the NC AWWA-WEA. Because AWWA, WEF and NC AWWA-WEA are separate associations it is not possible to transfer membership between the organizations. If you have questions about your membership, please contact the NC AWWA-WEA office at (919) 784-9030.



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