Kasey Monroe Outstanding Service Award

 2018 Recipient: David Heiser, CDM Smith

2018 Recipient: David Heiser, CDM Smith


 Dave has been an icon in North Carolina’s water industry for decades, but his reach is truly global. While he has served NC AWWA-WEA in numerous ways over the years, He has also volunteered with Engineers Without Borders, Curamericas, the United Methodist Church, Water for People, NC Water Operators Association and Professional Engineers of NC, and more.


 Dave was the son of an engineer who moved his family to India when Dave was 5. He grew up in India, Pakistan, and Iran, and he attended boarding school in Switzerland. He returned to the US to complete high school and college, but his work and his volunteer efforts have taken him abroad extensively. Dave also served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War era


In his retirement, of course, he plans to do more volunteering to bring safe water and sanitation to those in need globally.



The NC AWWA-WEA Kasey Monroe Outstanding Service Award is given annually by the Governing Body of the NC AWWA-WEA to that member of the Association who by his/her efforts and contribution has demonstrated outstanding service to NC AWWA-WEA. In making this award, the Board is recognizing services performed by an individual throughout the year that were above that normally expected from a volunteer member. It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to select the recipient of the award. The Chair shall notify the Board of the recipient no later than the last regular meeting prior to the annual conference.

In 2011 this award was renamed to honor Kasey Monroe, who set the high water mark for volunteer contributions to NC AWWA-WEA. Kasey served NC AWWA-WEA as Board of Trustees Chair from 1996-1997, as WEF Director from 1999-2002, as a Member of the WEF Executive Committee 2000 – 2001; as AWWA Director from 2006-2009. She has also held positions on numerous committee task forces and has served on the North Carolina Waterworks Operators Association board and worked with the North Carolina Rural Water Association. Kasey Monroe’s outstanding contributions have been recognized with numerous awards — she is a member of the 5-S Society, a winner of the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award, the Raymond E. Ebert Award and the Fuller Award, and she is also a recipient of the NC AWWA-WEA Chair’s Outstanding Service Award.

Past Recipients

2017   David Wagoner

2016   Greg Morgan

2015   David Saunders 

2014   Tyler Highfill

2013   Steve Drew
2012   George Simon
2011   Les Hall
2010   Jackie Jarrell
2009   Pam Moss
2009   Mark Wessel
2009   Kasey Monroe
2009   Darin Thomas
2008   Tony Dubois
2007   Mary Knosby
2006   Robert Walters
2005   Clarence Sell
2004   Greg Wells
2003   Sandy Tripp
2002   Barry Gullet
2001   Dave Zimmer
2000   Trille Mendenhall
1999   Maggie A. Becker
1998   Stephen R.Shoaf
1997   Barry Shearin
1996   Doris Jones
1995   John Vest
1994   Cindy Finan
1993   Ray Shaw
1992   Kasey Monroe
1991   Ron Elks
1990   Linda Vaughn
1989   Newton V. Colston
1988   James Prince
1987   Roy Smith
1986   John Blackmon
1985   Justus Everette
1984   Robert W. Gotherman
1983   James M. Schout, Jr.
1982   Bill Parrish
1981   A. Bennett Stapp, II
1980   Harvey Sprayberry
1979   Tony Combs
1978   Douglas L. Carlson
1977   Ray Cathey
1976   G. M. Johnston
1975   Roy Smith
1974   Ed Morris
1973   Robert Wilkinson

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