National Awards
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National Awards

Below is a list of National awards offered by AWWA and WEF to individuals and utilities. Click on links below for more information on each award!


Click here for the 2020 Awards Application Packet


AWWA Membership Awards

This award is presented each year to individuals “whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle him/her to special recognition.” An Honorary Member shall have all the rights and privileges of an Active Member and shall be exempt from paying dues. All members of AWWA and others “whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle him/her to special recognition” are eligible for the award.

Golden Manhole Society

The Golden Manhole Award is a method to recognize those individuals who are significant contributors to the advancement of the Systems Design, Education, Training, Certification, Construction, Operations, Maintenance, and Management of Water Distribution Systems or Wastewater Collection Systems. This award will provide a permanent recognition of efforts that promote professionalism and pride among those involved in Collection and Distribution Systems activities.




Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award

This award, established in 1993, is presented each year to a wastewater laboratory analyst with outstanding performance, professionalism and contributions to the water quality analysis profession.




Arthur Sidney Bedell Award

To acknowledge extraordinary personal service to the member associations the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award was established in 1948. Each member association is privileged to name one of its members to receive this award, which may be based on organizational leadership, administrative service, membership activity, stimulation of technical functions, or similar participation.

Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award

The Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award was established in 2001 by the Board of Directors of Water For People to honor outstanding volunteer service being contributed to this international humanitarian effort.

WEF Membership Awards

Honorary membership is extended to persons who have proven their preeminence in the fields of activity encompassed by Federation objectives.


George W. Burke, Jr. Safety Award

This award was established in 1982 in honor of George W. Burke, Jr. for his many years of service both to the water pollution control field and the Federation as staff manager of technical services. Mr. Burke was instrumental in developing the Federation’s annual safety survey and assisting in the production of several safety training aids and promotional packets.



Operator's Meritorious Service Award

Recognizes the special performance of a member in one or more of the following:Continuous compliance, consistent and outstanding contribution to plant maintenance, the development of new and/or modified equipment or significant process modifications, special efforts in the training of treatment plant operators, special acts not directly related to water treatment, but which demonstrate dedication to the public beyond the normal operating responsibilities, consistent and outstanding contribution to operation and/or maintenance of distribution lines, pump stations and reservoirs.

William D. Hatfield Award

The William D. Hatfield Award is presented to operators of wastewater treatment plants for outstanding performance and professionalism.


George Warren Fuller Award

This award, established in 1937, is given each year to members of the Association, designated by the Sections, for their distinguished service to the water supply field and in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, the brilliant diplomatic talent, and the constructive leadership of the members of the Association who exemplified the life of George Warren Fuller one of America’s most eminent engineers.



Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5-S)

Formed in 1986, the purpose of the North Carolina Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers shall be the betterment of the NC Water Environment Association and the promotion of its objectives. Selection for membership will be considered a high honor, consistent with other Association awards and will recognize long and faithful service to the Association.

Wendell R. LaDue Utility Safety Award

The award, established in honor of Wendell R. LaDue, is presented to recognize distinguished water utility safety programs.


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