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Councils & Committees


It takes careful coordination at many levels to keep our organization running, from our Board of Trustees, to Councils and committees, and staff. This page contains an explanation of how our Councils and Committees work together, and a list of all committees organized by their Council. To see a visual of how all of these moving parts come together, take a look at a diagram of the structure.


The best way to get in touch with a committee is to contact a committee chair or current committee member directly. Contact information for committee chairs is available on each committee's web page.


To find a specific committee;

1. Scroll down to a list of committees organized by Council

2. Click on a committee's name to visit their page.



The Council structure improve access to information, fulfillment of Mission, and management of resources - both time and financial. Each Council aligns Committees engaged in similar activities with the intention of simplifying the communication structure and making all activities transparent to those Committees who shared broad objectives. Councils expand volunteer knowledge and awareness of the organization as a whole, and provide information about how each element contributes to a greater whole. Each Council is overseen by a Council Chair that works directly to provide oversight of their assigned committees. They provide a mechanism for committees to work together, share ideas and resources, “cross training”, review work plans, determine needs, and advocate for the committee.

External Affairs Council

Conferences Coordinating Council

Technical Programs Council

Schools Council

The committees within this council are responsible for a variety of outreach projects, as well as activities related to NC AWWA-WEA membership, and coordinating communication vehicles and messages, including NC Currents magazine.

The committees within this council are responsible for coordinating the different aspects our Spring Conference and our Annual November Conference.

The committees within this council are organized around special interests within our industry. They provide our members with the opportunity to discuss issues with other professionals with similar experiences, and allow other to learn about new segments of the industry. These committees also provide content support for our educational events.

The committees in this council are responsible for organizing and conducting our certification schools.

2019 Council Chair

Erika Bailey, City of Raleigh

(919) 996-3713



2019 Council Chair

Tina Whitfield, HDR
(919) 232-6629

2019 Council Chair

Jana Stewart, City of Greensboro
(339) 412-6314

2019 Council Chair

Greg Morgan, Union County Public Works

(704) 289-3288



Committees develop works plans with goals that align with the NC AWWA-WEA strategic plan, mission, and vision. Annually they develop and submit budget requests to help the Board identify resources that are needed to accomplish organizational goals. They work directly with and engage volunteers on various activities to accomplish the committee’s assignments.

External Affairs Committees

Conference Coordinating Committees

Technical Programs Committees

Schools Committees

Communication Committee »

The Communication Committee enhances NC AWWA-WEA communications through the website and publications, principally, NC Currents quarterly magazine



Constitution & Bylaws Committee »

Provide periodic review and recommend changes or amendments to the Bylaws of the North Carolina Section, American Water Works Association and the constitution and Bylaws of the North Carolina Water Pollution Control Association, Inc.


NC Safewater Endowment Committee »

The Endowment Committee oversees creation and management of an endowment fund, named the NC Safewater Endowment Program, that will help fulfill NC AWWA-WEA's objectives.



Membership Engagement Committee »

Responsible for proactively engaging new and existing members of NC AWWA-WEA.



Public Education Committee »

The purpose of the Public Education Committee is to identify opportunities for, and provide the resources to educate citizens of North Carolina about water resources and the water environment.



Water For People Committee »

The purpose of the North Carolina Water For People (NCWFP) Committee is to Help People in developing countries Help Themselves. Water For People strongly believes that project beneficiaries, men and women, must be actively involved in all aspects of a project (planning, design, implementation, cost-sharing and operation/maintenance) to nurture local autonomy, initiative, management and ownership.



Students & Young Professionals Committee »

Encourages students and young professionals to participate in NC AWWA-WEA activities

Exhibits Committee »

This committee is responsible for organizing conference exhibit halls and related activities.



Annual Conference Local Arrangements Committee »

This committee is responsible for planning all aspects of the Annual Conference that are not related to the technical program.



Spring Conference & Spring Conference Program Committees »

This committee is responsible for planning the Spring Conference and related activities.



Operations Challenge Committee »

Held at the NC AWWA-WEA November Annual Conference, the Operations Challenge events, four person teams, along with their coach, compete in events that challenge their skills in various wastewater related activities.



Pipe Tapping Committee »

Held during the NC AWWA-WEA November Annual Conference, the Pipe Tapping Contest is a competition of skill in which teams compete for the best time in opening a cement-lined, ductile iron pipe and installing a tap.



Sponsorship Committee »

This committee is responsible for reviewing prior year's sponsorship programs and developing the sponsorship program offered each year.



Awards Committee »

This committee is responsible for overseeing the process for making nominations for national and state awards, and for the presentation of those awards.



Annual Conference Program Committee »

This committee is responsible for planning the technical program at the Annual Conference.

Seminars & Workshops Committee »

Coordinate annual Seminar and Institute programs, and work with and provides support to other NC AWWA-WEA committees that organize specialty seminars. They also partner with other professional organizations to provide expanded training opportunities.



Automation Committee »

Develops, recommends, supports, and conducts continuing assessments of technologies and techniques to promote the overall understanding of the application of process instrumentation, control and automation equipment, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), telecommunications, information technologies, and the management of information in the water and wastewater environment.



Collection & Distribution Systems Committee »

Educate NC AWWA-WEA membership regarding issues dealing with operation, maintenance, planning and management of wastewater collection and water distribution systems.



Regulatory Affairs Committee »

Provide education and training opportunities to the association membership on issues, regulations and public policy affecting the management, quality and protection of our vital water resources.



Biosolids Committee »

Develop, recommend, and conduct programs that promote understanding, acceptance, and development of safe and beneficial recovery and reuse of resources generated at water and wastewater treatment plants.



Risk Management Committee »

Help prepare for the range of risks with which they may need to deal, including safety challenges, disasters, emergencies, business continuity, financial and legal risks, etc.



Water Resources Committee »

Dedicated to the management of water resources to achieve resilient and sustainable systems, covering a wide range of topics including potable water, wastewater, and reclaimed water; planning, management and analysis; regulations and legislation. We coordinate with, rather than overlap, the other committees - if they seem too specific for your interest in water resources, this is the committee for you!



Utility Management Committee »

Promote optimal financial management to assure the future viability of water and wastewater utilities in North Carolina

Collection & Distribution School Committee »

Responsible for coordination of the annual Collection & Distribution Schools.



Wastewater Schools Committee »

Provide education and training to the North Carolina's wastewater industry professionals. Coordinate annual Biological Wastewater Operators and Physical/Chemical Operators Schools.



Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Committee »

Promote communication between and the education of the state’s wastewater laboratory analysts to help insure the generation of precise and accurate data for the protection of our water resources.



Plant Operation & Maintenance Committee »

Promotes a better understanding of the operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants, and coordinate the annual Maintenance Technician schools and exams.



Professional Wastewater Operators Committee »

Work to improve fellowship, pride, honor, and recognition for our profession.



Wastewater Board of Education & Examiners »

Assist/support/serve as a resource to the North Carolina Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission (NCWPCSOCC) in its various tasks involving the various wastewater certifications.



Water Board of Education & Examiners »

To assist the North Carolina Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission (NCWPCSOCC) and the North Carolina Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board (NCWTFOCB). Provide voluntary certification for Meter Technicians.



The Academy for Water Professional Development »

The Academy provides a structured and specialized training and certification program for water industry professionals to demonstrate competency at defined levels through the completion of courses and passing of comprehensive exams.

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